Agrifood industry import-export trade company

ALDEM s.r.o.
Soukenická 2060/27
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
VAT No.: CZ26926768
Tel.:    +420 774 207 645
Tel.:    +420 777 947 649
Fax:     +420 212 244 440

ALDEM Slovakia s.r.o.
Dobšinského 20
855 01 Bratislava 1
VAT No.: SK2023485112
Tel.:    +421 918 609 009
Fax:     +420 212 244 440

About Us

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ALDEM s.r.o. is an agrifood industry import-export trade company. It is based on the lengthy experience.

ALDEM s.r.o. specializes in the four following sectors:

  • Fresh and frozen pork meat
  • Fresh and frozen beef meat
  • Fresh and frozen poultry
  • Frozen vegetables

Our extensive range of products, their knowledge and our supplier connections will enable us to provide a product/service that will match even the most demanding of consumers expectations.

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